Wedding vows

Puerto Morelos celebrated its first Valentine’s Day as its own municipality with a valentine for the residents. On February 14th, 2016 the town married 30 couples on the malecon in front of the town square. Hundreds of people turned out to take part in the celebration.

Final Prep WS with ocean

Advertised ahead of time, the ceremony was for Mexican citizens and allowed both opposite or same-sex couples. Participants were asked to gather all of their official documents, register and get their blood work done ahead of time. The fee for the wedding for $250 pesos ($13.21USD/$18.30CAD), which was great value.

30 couples getting married

The price included the brides having their makeup done and a bouquet of flowers. Plus, there was a big cake and snacks afterwards. A real celebration. The couples ranged in age from very young to “more experienced”.

Flowers being handed out

It was a beautiful sight and we hope that this will become an annual event.

couples listen to the vows

Watch for our next post on the cost of housing in one small resort town.


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