A beautiful summer sunset over the mangrove in Puerto Morelos. The Sound of Ahhh.... Summer in Puerto Morelos

Sunset in Puerto Morelos

Summer in Puerto Morelos is best expressed by a sound, not a word. That sound is “Ahhhh….” Summers here are easygoing, carefree times. The days are balmy, sunny and warm with just the hint of a light breeze. The nights are calm, star filled and quiet with wonderful sunsets. The town is tranquilo and the margaritas are cold.

Hammock time, is time well spent. The Sound of Ahhh.... Summer in Puerto Morelos

Hammock time…

Hammock time, is time well spent. People move just a little slower as they walk down the streets. You smile and say “Buen Día” to everyone you meet.  And everyone you meet, is someone you know.  The tourists have left for the season and Puerto Morelos has reclaimed it’s laid-back charm.

Puerto Morelos, Mexico Malecon As seen from the dock.

Puerto Morelos, Mexico Malecon

The white, silky sand of the beach offers a great place for you to get away from it all. Grab a lounger at the local beach bar while you order a cerveza and turn off your cellphone. It’s a refreshing way to get away from the noise and pressure of northern life. There are plenty of fresh fish to eat and there are no line ups at the local resturants, no reservations required. The owners even have time to stop and share a drink. This time of year lasts from May to the middle of December, so don’t worry…you haven’t missed it. Now is the time to sneak away. There is still time to pop down for a visit so you can unwind and relax.

The Sound of Ahhh…. Summer in Puerto Morelos Video to Relax You
A pelican in Puerto Morelos, just hanging out.

Pelican in Puerto Morelos

So, until you can get here, take a minute out of your busy day and enjoy this video that will make you go “ahhh…” and relax you through to your core. It is amazing how different it is in Puerto Morelos in the summer. It will remind you of why we fell in love with this town and Mexico in the first place. Try an off season visit sometime. You just might like it.


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