More bird footprints than human ones

“Nobody on the road, Nobody on the beach…” Don Henley could be talking about Puerto Morelos in the summer.  From May to October our little town is very quiet.  And that is the best things about it. You can have the beach to yourself, sandía and mangos are in season, the whale sharks will soon be here plus accommodations start at as little as $57usd/night for a fully equipped apartment. 


So if you are thinking about a place where you can spend your days lying on a quiet beach, chatting with the locals, getting a great seat at a wonderful restaurant of just lying in a hammock, Puerto Morelos is the place for you right now. And as for your vacation here…

Empty Chairs

“I can see you, Your brown skin shining in the sun.
I see you walking real slow
Smiling at everyone.”

Thanks Don Henley.



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