Casa de los Viajeros flowers

The flowers are in full bloom at Casa de los Viajeros.

The days are long, the flowers are in full bloom and the weather is beautiful in Puerto Morelos. To add to this, the resturants, beaches and accommodations are empty. As the weather grows warmer up north, people forget how wonderful it is to be here in the off season. You can have the beach all to yourself and you don’t have to make reservations or wait in line to get into your favourite resturants.

Puerto Vallarta Airport

Deserted gates at the Puerto Vallarta Airport.

It is the same throughout all of Mexico. We just came back from 3 fun-filled weeks in Guadalajara and Puerto Vallarta, where they are experiencing the same low season lull as Puerto Morelos. We never waited to get into a single restaurant and in Tlaquepaque (a hip suburb of Guadalajara) we rented a fully equipped apartment for only $20usd/night.

Puerto Vallarta

Have the pool all to yourself.

In Puerto Vallarta, we had the pool all to ourselves during the week at one condo. And at the other condo we stayed at, there were only two units occupied in the entire complex. Very quiet and very relaxing.

Puerto Morelos Beach

Even better, have Puerto Morelos’ beach all to yourself!

Right now in Puerto Morelos, you will find amazing deals because of the low demand. An apartment that usually rents for $118USD/night at Christmas (with a 7 night minimum rental)  now rents for $57USD/night  (with only a 5 night minimum rental). That is less than half price! And that is not the only place you can save money. To draw more people in, many of the bars and resturants have great low season specials. And there are loads of flights from many destination in the USA or Canada for around $350USD return.

Whale Sharks

Swim with the whale sharks. A must do!

Right now the water is calm, clear and warm. It’s a great time for snorkeling, fishing or diving. And whale shark season is about to begin. Something you must check off on your bucket list. So if you are looking to slip away and decompress, now is the time to do it and Mexico is the place.

I’m off to check out a margarita special. Hope to see you soon!


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