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Wedding vows

Puerto Morelos celebrated its first Valentine’s Day as its own municipality with a valentine for the residents. On February 14th, 2016 the town married 30 couples on the malecon in front of the town square. Hundreds of people turned out to take part in the celebration.

Final Prep WS with ocean

Advertised ahead of time, the ceremony was for Mexican citizens and allowed both opposite or same-sex couples. Participants were asked to gather all of their official documents, register and get their blood work done ahead of time. The fee for the wedding for $250 pesos ($13.21USD/$18.30CAD), which was great value.

30 couples getting married

The price included the brides having their makeup done and a bouquet of flowers. Plus, there was a big cake and snacks afterwards. A real celebration. The couples ranged in age from very young to “more experienced”.

Flowers being handed out

It was a beautiful sight and we hope that this will become an annual event.

couples listen to the vows

Watch for our next post on the cost of housing in one small resort town.



The best of the holiday season from Salsa and Sun. We hope that you have a wonderful, warm Christmas filled with family and friends. And if you are lucky enough to be spending the holidays in Puerto Morelos, drop in and see us at Alma Libre Books & Gifts. If you are not, we hope you find a trip to Puerto Morelos in your Christmas stocking. Happy 2016!


King's Day Cake

Hope you were able to get a cake! Costco in Cancun seemed to have a shortage of them yesterday 🙂 And you know that they will sell out of them today. If you are not familiar with the tradition of Los Tres Reyes Magos you can read about it here. In the mean time, Happy Dia de Reyes!

Feliz Navidad

Feliz Navidad from Salsa and Sun. We hope that you have a wonderful, warm Christmas filled with family and friends. And if you are lucky enough to be spending the holidays in Puerto Morelos, drop in and see us at Alma Libre Books & Gifts. If you are not, we hope you find a trip to here in your Christmas stocking.

Puerto Morelos

Happy Monday from Puerto Morelos!

We are currently in Canada missing our little fishing village. If you are dreaming of your favourite beach side town and planning a trip for this winter, be sure to check out our websites that we are sure you will find helpful: Alma Libre Bookstore, In Puerto Morelos & Casa De Los Viajeros. And of course there is lots of great information about Mexico right here at Salsa and Sun.

If you are thinking about driving, you can see our trip from Puerto Morelos to the USA border here. It works in reverse too.

Until the cold hits and you head back to Puerto Morelos, you can follow us on FaceBook.

Have a great Monday!


Kitty sleeping

To all our Canadian friends, we hope you enjoy your day off tomorrow. You may choose to spend it like our friend here in San Miguel de Allende.

Happy Canada Day!

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La Fiesta de los Locos

La Fiesta de los Locos (The Feast of Fools or Crazy People) is held in San Miguel de Allende every June, the first Sunday after the Feast of San Antonio, so around the middle of the month. A few years ago we were “lucky” enough to have the fuel pump go on our truck forcing us to stay an extra week in San Miguel waiting for a new part. It just happened to be while the “locos” was taking place.

La Fiesta de los Locos

San Miguel was and still is primarily a framing community. The festival originally began as an act of faith, a thank you for a year of good crops. During colonial times many people dressed as scarecrows. Slowly over the year the festival became the celebration of more than just good crops, it was combined with San Pascual Bailón’s day, Corpus Christi day and San Antonio’s day (there always seems to be a celebration in San Miguel) morphing into the fiesta it is today.

La Fiesta de los Locos

People turn their “sun” umbrella upside down to catch candy.

La Fiesta de los Locos

Politically incorrect costumes.

La Fiesta de los Locos

Our personal favourite, a good jabbing at the press.

During La Fiesta de los Locos the streets are packed with people in costumes, some politically incorrect. Those not in the parade, line the streets hoping to catch candy thrown by the parade participants. Family friendly: music, dance and candy are the main ingredient that makes for a good time.


Puerto Morelos Misses You

To all our friends who are away from our little town, remember “Puerto Morelos misses you”. Come back soon.

Happy 50th Birthday Rob

Today my wonderful husband turns 50 years old. It is hard to believe. I have spent the last 25 years with this warm, funny, amazing guy. Half his life. We have a great life together, working, playing and traveling. We have been through good times and bad…mostly good. I wouldn’t have missed a second of any of it. I look forward to spending the next 50 years with you!

All my love,


PS Don’t forget to wish Rob a Happy Birthday!



Puerto VallartaToday you will find this happy couple dancing their way along the Malecon in Puerto Vallarta much like they do everyday, not because it is Cinco de Mayo. Tourists ask us all the time about this holiday, which is largely just celebrated in the USA. We don’t hear much about it in the Yucatan. If you would like to know more about it, the International Business Times has a great article on “Is Cinco De Mayo Celebrated In Mexico?“. Margarita In the meantime it is a good excuse to have a margarita anyway! (like you really need an excuse?) Saludos!

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